Virtual Ceramics System
Using Tele-Presence with Force

In this project, virtual ceramics system is used for preservation, education and training of the traditional skills by turning skills of ceramic craftsmen into digital database. And we aim to develop education/training simulator that can create pottery in a virtual world with high presence as if to experience ceramics in the real world, and tele-experience system that creation can be done in the remote workshop. To realize these purposes above, this project is carried out by gathering every technical know-how in the fields of electricity and information, mechanical engineering, and material.

Database of skills
The skills of ceramics are intangible tradition handed down from craftsmen to craftsmen. By turning this skill (movement of fingers) into digital data and storing up them as database, we use them effectively for preservation, education, and training.
(University-Industry Cooperation Project on Construction of Advanced System using Information Technology 2002, Digital Magic Inc., Video System Inc., and NIT)
Virtual Clay
To realize virtual ceramics with high presence, simulation method that can calculate exactly the deformation of soft objects like clay in real time is developed.
Force-Tactile Display Device
Force-tactile display to express tactile impression and viscosity of clay and reaction force in deforming clay with high presence is developed originally.

Tele-Robot System for Ceramics
Tele-robot system for ceramics to realize ceramic creation with high presence by operating slave robot in the remote workshop using master robot is developed.