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A Society for the Study for
Creation of a New Industry
by the aid of Research
Collaboration of NIT

V.L. Medical Engineering
Omohi College

Since last year, cooperating with intramural researchers engaged in advanced technology of engineering such as electro-information, materials, machinery, and physical science and extramural researchers engaged in medical science, we have been pushing the activity of this lab forwards for the purpose not only to seek a new integrated academic field free from the boundary between engineering and medical science in a narrow sense but also to create a new industry. Enlightening lectures and forums with subjects offered by intramural teaching staff were held. This year, V.L. Medical Engineering Laboratory was established aiming further development of intramural leading studies to the outside in cooperation with medical-associated organizations such as medical schools in this district. We attempt to launch medical engineering projects, prepare for start a new course for graduate school, hold enlightening lectures on medical engineering, and organize university-industry cooperation.

Nagoya Institute of Technology
Tsukuri College
E-mail: saka@vier.mech.nitech.ac.jp
TEL: +81-52-735-7144

Fujimoto Laboratory